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Music is made to inspire, to touch our souls, to awaken our every inner emotion. It captures our imaginations and takes us on melodic musical adventures that defy space and time. While many musicians strive to create the kind of music that lives forever within our mind and bodies, only a few can create timeless treasures to touch a chord within our very being.

 Twenty-FOur-year-old singer/ songwriter/ acoustic guitarist Bobbi Rae is such an artist. Her soul-stirring alto-soprano range reaches within your core with an eclectic mix of inspirational, alternative, contemporary R&B and neo-soul.

 And for the 2 years, she has been cutting her teeth on the South Louisiana music scene in the most unlikely of places like-the local public hospital. As a part of the hospital’s music therapy program, she has been singing to sick patients, nourishing their spirits with the healing treatment of sound.

 Bringing her angelic notes to the rest of the world, this passionate songbird began 2015 with a major splash and released a three-song CD entitled Bobbi Rae Unplugged on New Year’s Eve. and now spring of 2016 she has release her single "im Gonna Love Ya" which HAS TAKEN A LIFE OF ITS OWN and the response is overwhelming! the Single is available on Itunes, google play, spotify etc..  

 “My music is real. It’s direct. It’s personal,” Bobbi Rae explains. “I talk about things that people want to Say but may not want to talk about…People struggle with the same things as me but probably don’t know how to express themselves and that's WHAT IS aMAZING PART OF ARTISTR, YOU CAN REACH AN AUDIENCE THROUGH FEELING AND EMOTIONS, AS WELL AS LYRICS AND MUSIC . I found music to help me express WHAT i FELT.”

 According to her mother, Bobbi Rae has been using music to express herself even before she could form complete sentences. Born and raised in South Louisiana, Bobbi came up similar to any other red-blooded American girl. The product of a two-parent, middle class family, Bobbi Rae and her twin sister are the youngest of five children and were homeschooled until sixth grade. It was during these formative years that her artistic nature began to blossom.

 “My family was very creative,” she recalls. “We did a lot of arts and crafts and traveling, and some of the home school programs included vocal lessons, piano, painting, and outdoor activities. It was pretty free, however, we were very sheltered from what went on in the world around us like some of media and certain types of music, we were not allowed to watch or listen to So I believe that what influenced my emotional artistry to express how I felt freely.”

 She continues, “I’ve always loved singing. My mom says I always would sing and make up little songs to myself.” It wasn’t until her seventh grade year, however, did Bobbi begin to realize her musical talents when she and her sister transferred to public school. “It was very hard,” she admits, “because I wasn’t used to being told how to think and how to learn and having to learn a certain way. It was a hard transition.”

 Those growing pains were eased when a couple of classmates heard her sing. “They were like ‘oh, you can sing?’ I didn’t really take it seriously,” says Bobbi. “But then after just listening to more music, I became more confident with my singing and mostly songwriting because I was able to express myself.”

 Bobbi gained so much confidence with her singing that she offered to sing for a friend who was in the hospital suffering from sickle cell anemia. So she wrote some new songs and went to the hospital to sing for him. It just so happened that the director of nurses at the hospital overheard Bobbi’s heaven-sent hymnals and wanted her to sing for more patients.

 “I just wanted to make my friend feel better,” Bobbi declares “But one day, the nurse was like ‘do you do this anywhere else?’ I was like ‘no, I don’t.’ She gave me her card and said ‘I would like to talk to you about possibly doing music therapy here if you’re interested.’”

 A couple of weeks later, she was doing music therapy at Ochsner Health System in New Orleans twice a week. “Music therapy keeps me grounded. It reminds me of why I’m doing this,” Bobbi says. “My music is inspirational; it’s real. I talk about personal things that I go through, things that I can relate to people with.”

 And that’s exactly what she does on her three-song CD entitled Bobbi Rae Unplugged, featuring the arousing testament “Different,” where she urges empathy from others to not prejudge anyone and to be yourself. Then, there’s the moving message of “Concrete Rose," where Bobbi talks about how she rose above all of her trials and tribulation and blossomed into the beautiful flower she is today .

 “My music brings a grounded emotion, I'm just ready to share it with the world” says Bobbi.  currently bobbi is recording her album "Stripped" BObbi is projected to release fall of 2017, with all her hard work and dedication we expect Bobbi Rae to  continue to bloom. 

"Layers, The Introductions to Stripped" Coming Fall 2017!

"Layers, The Introductions to Stripped" Coming Fall 2017!